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Adult Orthodontics in Portsmouth


The treatment of adults is the fastest growing area in orthodontics.You can understand why when stars such as Tom Cruise are leading the way in seeking treatment. It has never been easier to enjoy the benefits of orthodontics as the main concern of aesthetics has been overcome recently.
At Southsea Orthodontics we are able to use Invisalign or Aesthetic white fixed braces. As a result we are able provide nearly invisible treatment to suit most budgets and can treat almost any case, complex or simple. We offer a reduced cost initial assessment at £50 (which is refunded from the full treatment fee later if you proceed to treatment). During this appointment we will give you a full examination, take an xray if appropriate, discuss your different options for orthodontic treatment and give you an approximate cost.


If you decide you want to improve your smile the cost of treatment can either be paid in full at the start (with a discount) or in interest-free instalments spread over the treatment duration, often from as little as £95 per month.

Take the first step today and contact the surgery to arrange an initial consultation.

Invisalign clear positioners (

We are an accredited specialist Invisalign diagnostic and treatment centre. These removable positioners are clear and provide a truly cosmetic approach to brace treatment with the benefit of allowing perfect and normal oral hygiene procedures. Please ask for an Invisalign consultation when you call.


How to make
an Appointment

Treatment by registered UK
General Dental Council Specialists




Orthodontic treatment involves
the wearing of fixed braces or
removable braces which are used
to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment

All forms of orthodontics available
including cosmetic tooth-
coloured braces or hidden braces


Payments can be evenly spread
over the treatment duration with
no credit charges


The majority of orthodontics for
children is provided under the NHS. However, all Adult Treatment is only available on a private basis.

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